Social Studies General

Mr. Tarwitz's Real Fake Non-Sense and Alternate Truths

Statistics Canada - census 2006 (staggered release of details), 2001, 1996
Statistics Canada - Canada Year Book 2008
BC Stats - economy and labour market

CIA Factbook
Lonely Planet Destinations
The Virtual Museum of Metis History and Culture

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms in pdf format


Elections Canada Home Page
Elections Canada Google Doc for collaboration

Conservative Party of BC
CBC - BC Votes - lots of up to date coverage of issues, questions
Elections BC - links to all parties, maps of constituency boundaries, updates, issues
Green Party of BC
Liberal Party of BC
New Democratic Party of BC
Reform Party of BC
Social Credit Party of BC

Thesis Canada Portal :choose "Any keyword" from the drop-down menu and enter your search term (e.g., Fidel Castro) in the adjacent search box

80 Years of Power: China's Communist Party (CNN Special)

A Force More Powerful: A Century of Non-violent Conflict

World Media and General Sites

World Headlines- front pages and political slant
TheHistoryNet - Where History Lives on the Web

20th Century Decades: General Links

World History : HyperHistory

History Channel

History 12
 -Prince of Wales school site- very comprehensive
Google News

Google and Life Magazine images
 - a collaboration of historical pictures

Malaspina College- site of primary letters and documents of the World Wars.

WWI, Russian Revolution, the Depression, 1898-1939

In the Trenches- global overview of WWI
Historical Text Archive

Russian Revolution in Dates

History of the Russion Revolution- by Leon Trotsky. His own book in translation.
 - Russion Revolution
Leon Trotsky
- archives

Russion Revolution- Internet Modern History Sourcebook
Soviet Archives: Entrance Room

Reichstag Fire

Weimar and Russia Analogy

Treaty of Versailles
- All 440 articles of the complete treaty, as well as useful maps and cartoons..
German Propaganda Archive (Guide Page)

Primary Documents: Germany

Conversations with History
 : interviews from Institute of International Studies, UC Berkeley
WWI Document Archive

Documents Relating to American Foreign Policy, 1898-1914
History - Veterans Affairs Canada
 - A historical look at Canadians at war
WritingDEN: The Great Depression


Anti-Imperialism- in the United States 1898-1935. Many links, some advertising
Atomic Bomb: Decision (Hiroshima-Nagasaki)
Battles of World War 2
Canada and the Second World War

Canada's Role in the Atomic Bomb Programs of the US, UK, France & India
Canada and the Bomb: Past and Future
Documents Relating to the Development of the Atomic Bomb and Its use on Hiroshima and 
Growth of Nazi Europe Map (powerpoint presentation)
The Letters Project - Canadian vets' original letters transcribed - amazing!
Voices of A-Bomb survivors
WWII Aerial Reconnaissance Photos Online

Post-WWII: Cold War, OPEC, IMF, GATT, etc.

CNN - Cold War - Al-Jazeera: Bin Laden tape praises hijackers - September 9, 2002
IMF -- International Monetary Fund Home Page

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries  (OPEC)
The European Commission
European Union (EU, EC)
World Bank/IMF: World Bank / IMF Fact Sheet
NATO Official Homepage
Modern History Sourcebook: The Warsaw Pact, 1955
The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School : Documents in Law, History and Diplomacy
Interactive Outline of the Law of War

Research Information: Style Guide, University Home Pages

A Research Guide for Students - MLA Style Guide
OWL MLA sample essay - interactive document - plus other helpful essay writing tools
University of Northern British Columbia
University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Welcome to the University of British Columbia -
Roosevelt and the New Deal

Address at Oglethorpe University, May 22, 1932
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: The Twentieth Century: War, Conflict & Progress scroll down to look for FDR
Roosevelt University - Center for New Deal Studies - Related Websites

The New Deal:
FDR Cartoons check out "waiting for the new deal" section
New Deal cartoons - University of Virginia
New Deal Timeline - University of Virginia
United We Stand
"Appeals to Prejudice and Self-Interest"
Cartoons: FDR and the Supreme Court
Stop Throwing Pop Bottles at the Umpire!


Eyewitness to History - First person reports of historical events- very powerful (ignore advertising)
Historical Speeches- Famous speeches from history- American focus, also others
Political cartoons - current issues by Canadian satirists

US Military Interventions

Go to Mr. Tarwitz's spreadsheet on the T:drive under Social Studies>History 12>"Wounded Knee to Afghanistan" and save that to your H:drive for your own use. (It is a read only document until you save it for yourself)

Check on the EBSCO History Reference Centre or Student Research Centre from Library webpage using search terms like "US military interventions" or "Eisenhower doctrine" or "containment", etc.

The American Heritage of Isolationism - The Future of Freedom Foundation, a nonprofit US libertarian advocacy group
A Chronology of US Marine Corps Humanitarian Assistance - from the US Centre for Naval Analyses
A Chronology of US military interventions - from the Vietnam to the Balkans
Eisenhower, Nasser, and the Battle for the Arab World another viewpoint on Eisenhower Doctrine
Isolationist Critics of American Foreign Policy - historical perspective
Lend-Lease and Military Aid by US in WW2 - US Department of State
Resetting the Rules of Engagement - a UK perspective on changing trends in military-humanitarian relations
US National Archives Presidential Libraries - links to Presidents on left margin
Uses of Military Force since 1798 - an anti-military site with good research and citations
US Military Involvement in Africa - summary by the Congressional Research Service, a division of the Library of Congress



Alternate Energy

 Alternate Energy Project
Practical solutions
Clean Energy Basics: What is renewable energy?
How Hybrid's Work
The Secret Lives of Energy - The Energy Solution - Conserving Electricity
Energy Sources US Department of Energy 
Comprehensive site- the story of all kinds of energy
Renewable Energy
Alternative Fuel Cars
Green Energy
Transalta Wind
NEF Green Energy website
Energy Alternatives - BC

Canada’s Parliament

Legislative Chambers: Unicameral or Bicameral?
The Canadian Senate in Focus
Welcome to Canada's Parliament - Click on "Members of Parliament (current)"
Introduction to the Famous Five
The Famous Five and the "Persons" Case
Members of the Legislative Assembly, BC - click on "List of Members with photos" or "MLA finder"
Prime Ministers
First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics web site

Cold War

The Cold War- CNN- A comprehensive, interactive site, with images and links to many topics. Be prepared to spend some time at this site. Cold war divided by decades- ignore advertising.
Cold War International History Project- A scholarly site from the Woodrow Wilson Centre, with links to primary sources. High level reading required.
Cold War History- A BBC site with links to Cold War topics.
Cold War- Spartacus school net-Many links to the people and events of the Cold War.
Yahoo search results on the Cold War.- Ignore the advertising.


10 Decades of the 20th Century
Canada's 1960s - short article on politics, economy and foreign policy
Life Photo Archive
Decades Timeline - use this to get ideas for search terms
1900s History Timeline - again, use this site to find out what was happening and then search for images under that topic.

Development Levels

CIA -- The World Factbook 2006
NMSU Library--Languages and Linguistics - links to international development issues
Human Development Reports (UN) 2005
Development indicators
The World Bank Group
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières


The Political Compass - test that helps you think about your political "stripes". If you print the graph, first COPY it and paste it to WORD, then ADD YOUR NAME and then PRINT. That way, you 
will know which print out it yours!

CBC Canada Votes 2008 - updated daily election news and access to archives
Elections Canada for Young Voters - great information on past and present elections
List of promises - by the top four Conservative, Liberal, NDP, Green - how are they doing? plus more CTV info - group election Blog by notable and alternativecolumnists; valid opinion site
YouTube Elections08 - various connections to opinion items from 2008

Globalization Issues

Endangered Species on EE-Link: Endangered Species - Main Page
Environment Canada's Green Lane
Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)
IPEC: International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour- A UN/ILO initiative: Home Page
Poverty Main Page
EcoFuture (TM) Population and Sustainability
United Nations Home Page
United Nations Cyberschoolbus
 n o l o g o . o r g
Genetically modified food : Human Genome Project
Socials 11 Web Links - Contents : from Open School BC

The Great Depression

The Great Depression (1929-1939)
On to Ottawa Trek
The Depression - Tracking Time - Canada, by Train
Canadian Encyclopedia: The Great Depression
Roaring 20's and the Great Depression - numerous links
The 1920s and 1930s:The Depression and the New Deal - history in song
Great Depression of Canada

World War 1

In the Trenches- global overview of WWI
The First World War
The First World War - Veterans Affairs Canada Follow the links through Canada & the First World War to The War of Attrition
The Letters Project - letters written by soldiers compiled by VIU
First World - Encyclopaedia of World War I - P

WWI Newspaper Project

First World War: Veterans' Affairs Canada
Canada and the First World War - from Libraries and Archives Canada
The Great War (PBS site)
BBC History WWI
American Posters of WWI
British Posters of WWI

World War 2

GI -- World War II Commemoration
The Second World War - Veterans Affairs Canada
Today in History: December 7 : Air raid on Pearl Harbor
The Avalon Project : World War II : Documents
The Battle of Britain - Home Page
THE CANADIAN LETTERS AND IMAGES PROJECT - a site depicting the personal side of war by Stephen Davies, Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo
World War II German Advertising
Canadian War Posters
Japanese Canadians and the Political Left
Japanese Internment Camps in Canada


Socials 10

Access to Horizons textbook online

Victorian Age

History in Focus: Victorian Page
Victorian Values at 100
Victorian Women's Rights Game
Victorian Science - An Overview
The Victorian Period in England
Interactive introduction to the Victorian Era.


Canadian heroes
About Canada - many good links
Canadian Resources from Gander Academy
Canadiana - many, many links to explorers, facts about Canada, biographies,..
Canadian Heritage Gallery - images from Canadian history


The New York Times on the Web
The Globe and Mail: Breaking Business News
NewsDirectory: Newspapers and Media
Media Toolkit for Youth: Understanding the Media Canada's Online Information Source
Chinese in British Columbia

Chinese Head Tax Issue
Aspects of the Chinese Head Tax 
Exploration of Historic Prejudice & Intolerance


Upper Canada Village - Tour the Village
Emigration and Bush Life
The 1837 Rebellions
Historical Summary - Canada 
The Underground Railroad

Pioneer Homes

Pioneer life

Red River Rebellion/North-West rebellion

Empire of the Bay: Louis Riel 
Louis Riel
Who is Louis Riel?
Louis Riel
Historical Background

Cariboo Gold Rush

The Cariboo Gold Rush
Gold Rush Links - Debbie's Unit Factory -  Judge Matthew Baille Begbie
Gold Rush Links - Debbie's Unit Factory  - Victoria's connection to the Gold Rush
Barkerville Gold Rush Town - Time Travel in the Cariboo - British Columbia - Canada
Welcome to Barkerville, Williams Creek, Cariboo, British Columbia
Newspaper Archive I
The Cariboo Gold Rush Adventure Game


Current Earthquake Information for British Columbia and Western Canada
Earthquake History of Cascadia (Washington, Oregon, and Southern British Columbia)
US Government Earthquake Hazards Program
Museum of the City of San Francisco - 1906 Earthquake and Fire
Earthquakes Overview
Plate Tectonics

Pacific Rim

CIA -- The World Factbook  - statistical information on all the countries of the world from the CIA

B.C. Industries

Government of British Columbia - links to government ministries
Forest Practices Branch - gov't of BC
BC STATS: home page

Tourism BC
Forest Industry - statistics and export information (Canada)
Forest Products
Harmac Photos

Genetically Modified Organisms

Greenpeace International : Genetic Engineering
Council of Canadians
Welcome to FarmFolk/CityFolk
Welcome to Third World Network (TWN)
The Prince of Wales - Speeches: Questions about Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms - University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries

Seeding the Future: Genetically Modified Organisms (News Feature)

Economics and Trade Canada/USA

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Point: NAFTA is Good for the Canadian Economy.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): An Overview.

Point: The Free-Trade Agreement with the EU Is a Good Deal for Canada.

Counterpoint: Free Trade with the EU Has Negative Repercussions for Canada.

NAFTA : Guide to Critical Analysis.