Google is easy to use....But it's loaded with many irrelevant, unreliable, or untrustworthy websites.  

Try to get under 100 results and you will get better results

To do that, try some LIMITERS:  

site:.___    Some common site types listed here.

  • .edu = educational institutions such as colleges and universities
  • .org = organizational institutions such as non-profit or research organizations that are not trying to sell a product
  • .gov = government institutions that publish information for the tax-paying public
  • .ca = Canadian
  • .net = general Internet; many are older sites
  • .com = commercial, but can also be a general site type

" " (double quotes) around a set of words tells Google to consider the exact words in that exact order

- allows you to exclude certain terms. The minus sign should be before the word you want to exclude (ex. OR
virus -software  would get more medical sites, not software problems)

~ operator tells Google to search for synonyms of the word immediately following it.

filetype: Adding a filetype limiter can be a way to return higher quality information more quickly. For example, XLS documents are likely to have statistics or lists, pdf or doc documents tend to be reports. For example, [ accreditation site:edu filetype:pdf ]

Also, try Advanced Search for these and other limiters.

If you are looking for scholarly research articles, try Google Scholar.